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Piano Transportation

Piano is not an ordinary Household furniture. Moving it by yourself or by inexperience personnels are extremely dangerous and your piano will be prone to external as well as internal damages. Weight of a piano is around 200 to 250kg.
There are many moving companies out there who are very inexperience as they are just out there to make a living without proper knowledge. They can send 3-5 persons to move your piano but that is not the correct way and the risk of damaging your piano is still as great. Only 2 experience and physically-able men are needed to handle a upright piano.
Moving piano is about physics and employing the correct techniques. All our movers go through a proper understudy period and on-job training to ensure that they are the best men for the job. Your piano can be safe with us.
We also move Grand Pianos, Call us at 63370216 for immediate quote!

Our Moving Rates:
S$160.00 for upright (Lift-Level or flat ground) S$500 for grand
$100 extra for upright S$100 for grand(Per floor/flight of more than 5 steps)

For private house stairway$100.00 per floor(Upright)S$150.00 per floor (Grand)



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Piano Tuning

Our technicians are well trained in Tuning and have wealth of experience learning under our master craftsman. Only those which are qualify are allowed to handle tuning assignments. There are many cheap tuners available in the Singapore market which attract customers with their low rate but they are not fully qualified to tune your piano. Many of these unqualified tuners had broken the strings while tuning our customers' pianos and in the end our customers call us in to repair and re-tune. This is a true life situation that we feel you should know to make a wise decision.
The time needed by a qualified tuner to tune a piano is half an hour. Some novice tuners need an hour to two to tune. The objective is to get the piano in tune not for the novice to use your piano as a testing bed. Our master craftsman takes only 15 mins to get the whole piano to A440 concert pitch. Our tuners are capable of tuning any piano of any brand.

Our Tuning Rates:
S$80.00 per Upright Piano Standard tuning (Rescale or rise the pitch S$150.00)
S$150.00 per Grand Piano
(Rescale or rise the pitch S$250)

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Piano Overhaul

A car needs a engine overhaul for around 8-10years. A piano which also consist of moving parts will also need a overhaul when the time comes. Piano Overhaul is a extremely time-consuming and require high level of experience and patience to get the job done.
Due to this fact, appointments have to be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Piano Overhaul cannot be done at your house as extensive amount of tools are needed and will normally take 1-2weeks to complete the entire process.
After which we will tune the piano back to concert pitch and transport back to your house. We will need to evaluate your piano first before giving you the actual quote.
Rough estimation is around S$1000 for the entire package.

Survey and evaluate of piano cost S$70/=


Call Us for more information at 63370216/63368396


Piano Repair

Like any other thing, Pianos will also become sick and its time to call the doctor in! We provide minor and major piano repairs. Minor repairs can be done at the confort of your home. But major ones will have to be transported back to our workshop.
All our technicians are full-trained to handle all kinds of piano repair and maintence. Your piano can be safe when you call in the professionals.
If your piano is damaged by other tuners or the irresponsible shop which you had purchased from refused to look into the piano's troubled body. You can always call for us.
We do parts replacement and repairs for all kinds/brands of pianos. All our replaced parts are fully guranteed for 6-months. We use only the highest quality strings and parts from Germany/England/Japan.



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