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Renner Used Piano Centre

Our used piano centre have one of widest range of used pianos available for sale at any one time of the year. We have two types of used piano, Local Used piano and Japan-Imported Used piano. You can be assured that there will be one that is suitable for your demands in quality and budget, we will help you select your piano at no extra cost. If the piano you want is not in stock, don't worry! We will inform you once there is stock as that you would not miss out your chance.

All our used pianos go thru a stringent quality test conducted by our highly trained and experience piano technicians.You can be assured that all pianos sold to you will be of the highest quality in Singapore.
Unlike other used piano dealers in Singapore, we will be very honest with you and highlight the problem with your chosen unit if there is any before your purchase.

To set your mind at ease, our highly qualitified technician team will have your unit covered for 3 months including parts and labour. After 3 months, repairs will be done at a discounted rate.

When you had purchased or before you decide to purchase a piano from your next-door neighbour or from a garage sales, we offer piano evalution services as well to let you know what you are buying and also to help you to bagain for prices. We can arrange for moving and first-time servicing for your piano as well on the spot to save you all the hassle. Pick up your phone and call us now!

Why Our Used Piano are Better
  • Inspected and hand-selected by our liason in Japan.
  • Hand-selection ensures the best quality are shipped here.
  • Inspected once again in our warehouse.
  • Transported to our used centre by experience piano movers.
  • Final Inspection and tuning/voicing are done.
  • Customers get to pick those which pass all 3 inspection.
  • Tuning to concert pitch is done before shipping to Customer.
Our used piano have to pass all 3 demanding test before being showcase to our customers. Our imported used pianos are 100% original actions and strings. We ensure only the best for our customers. Unlike other used piano centres who take cheap used pianos and replace their damaged actions and strings. We believe in Original Japan.
Get More Free Stuff Online!
Tell us you saw this online and you get:
  1. Brand New Piano Stool (S$150.00)
  2. Brand New Piano Heater (S$50.00)
  3. Free Transportation (S$120.00)
Total gift of over S$300.00!!
Free Gifts are subjected to availablity of stock. Renner Piano Used Piano Centre reserve the rights to subsitiute gifts without any prior notification.

5 Good Reasons to Buy From Renner
  1. Extremely High Level of Quality Control
  2. 3-Months No Question Full Warranty
  3. Highly Experienced Technical Backings
  4. Unbelievable-Priced Top-End Branded Models
  5. Free Gifts!

Understanding Our Ratings
Top condition Mint.
Excellent tone,and action.
Near Mint Finishing.
Moderate in Finishing
but good tone,and action.
Value for money.
For Student who look for low price but good enough for daily use.
Very economy.
Playable but finishing is not ideal.

Common Myth: Does the age of the piano really matters:
When you select an used piano, it is more important to look at its internal structure, tone and action fuctionabiltiy. Next you look for its outlook or finishing.
Age is the last thing to look for. A piano of a a younger age may fails if you only look at the age when you select your piano and neglect the internal struture. This would cost you much more in the long run to maintain the piano.
Our experience had shown that the newer pianos are lesser in terms of quality compared to the old ones. This is mainly due to deforestation and the lack of good woods. Material used nowdays are of poorer quality than those used last time.

Yamaha 121cm U1 $2.950/= Made in Japan
Alexandra Herrmann 116cm $3,890/= Made in Germany
Challen 116cm  $1800/= Made in Malaysia(no gift)
Dresden 121cm D-801 $1800 Made in Japan(no gift)
Lion 110cm $1,350/= Made in Korea(no gift)
Rogers 116cm $3,000/= Made in England
J. Thompson 112cm $1.350/= Made in Korea(no gift)
Nieer 112cm $900/= Made in China(no gift)

*Thank you for all customers whom have visit our web site and purchase good used pianos from us.

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